Dr. Mominuddin Chowdhury

Professional Background

1986-1996 Information Services International – Dentsu, Ltd.(ISID)

  • Project Manager: Information Service Business Operation
  • Project Manager: Mechanical Design Automation
  • Manager : Chemical Engineering Software Department

1984-1986 DodWell and Co., Ltd. (British Company in Japan)

  • Technical Manager and Engineering Consultant

1981-1984 Toyo Process Analysis and Control Systems Co., Ltd.(TOPACS)

  • Chemical Engineer

1968-1971 Triple Superphosphate Fertilizer Factory

  • Chemical Engineer

Served so far

  • Engineering: Chiyoda Corporation, COSMO Engineering, Japan Gas Corporation, Niigata Engineering, Nisseki Engineering, Mitsui Engg. & Ship Building, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Inc., Nihon Furnace, Ebara Seisakusho
  •  Oil Companies : Japan Energy, Mitsubishi Oil, Nisseki Oil, Okinawa Oil
  •  Petrochemical   : Idemitsu, Showadenko
  •  Pharmaceutical : ASAHI GLASS, Kureha Kagaku, Takeda
  •  Electrical: Sanyo, TEPCO
  •  Food: Ajinomoto
  •  University: Hosei University, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Educational Background

1978-1981 Ph.D.(Engg), Tokyo Metropolitan University. Tokyo

  • Thesis: Development of Simulation Methods for Distillation and Absorption Columns, and then Reconciliation of Simulation Results to Experimental Study of Absorption column packed with Newly Developed Structured Impulse Packing

1976-1978 M. Sc.(Egg.), Tokyo Metropolitan University. Tokyo

1972-1975 Tokyo University. Tokyo Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering Department

1963-1968 B. Sc. (Chemical Engg), East Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology

Social Activity

@Member, Association of Separation Technology of Japan

@Member, The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry

@Member, Friendship Society of Asians in Japan

@Member, Advisory Council of Foreigners to Tokyo Metropolitan Government

@Member, Advisory Council for internationalization of Tokyo to Tokyo Metropolitan Government

@President, Global Citizen Club

@Adviser for Kids Initiative Project Tokyo Learning Center, World Bank

@Director of Tokyo Metropolitan University Alumni Association

Dr. Mominuddin Chowdhury


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