Chairperson’s greeting


Dr. Mominuddin Chowdhury


I am very pleased and lucky to establish NPO of Chikyu Shimin Club(Global Citizen Club) in 2006 to promote international understanding through cultural exchange among Japanese people, Japanese students and foreign countries through workshops at elementary schools, seminars at our venues and concerts with parties at Embassies at Tokyo and, also, at Consular office in Osaka.  Until now the countries we covered are South Korea, Mongol, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Romania, Brazil, Cuba, El Salvador.

The objective of establishing and running this NPO is to express my heart-felt gratitude to Japan and its people for receiving scholarships from Japanese Foundations: Tokyu Foundation for Inbound Students, Rotary Yoneyama and Mombusho(Japanese Education Ministry) to obtain M.S and Ph.D in chemical engineering.

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